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These days when we talk about oils, almost everyone lays emphasis on cold pressed oils. But how much do we know what exactly are cold pressed oils, what is the process of making them and how are they different from regular oils?

Cold pressed oils, also commonly known as virgin oils are preferred because they include less processing, less chemical treatments and less preservatives.

Vediko offers a wide range of cold pressed specialty health oils which are far from harmful chemicals and offer the actual goodness of oil seeds. Here's the range of cold pressed health oils offered by Vediko:

1. Walnut Oil - decreases inflammation, regulates blood pressure, controls blood sugar levels, and has anti cancer effects too.
2. Flaxseed Oil - Reduces menopause symptoms, aids in weight loss, improves skin, promotes heart health and reduces cancer risk.
3. Black Seed Oil - used for treatment of asthma and various skin conditions, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, aiding in weight loss, and protecting brain health
4. Almond Oil - prevent free radical damage, promotes heart health, prevents from sun damage, helps in reducing stretch marks and full of vitamin E
5. Castor Oil - has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties to heal the skin, helps restore skin tones and moisture and heal dry skin.

The way we consume oils has a lot of impact on our health. Of Course the purity matters but also the process of extracting these oils matter. Cold pressed method involves crushing the seed and extracting oil out of it, while oil refining includes usage of heat and chemicals to extract the majority of the oil from the seeds. In the latter process, many oil nutrients are lost due to the heat and chemicals. Thus cold pressed oils are preferred for vitamins, minerals and better nutrients from the seeds too. Because these oils are pressed at a lower temperature, the antioxidants that would otherwise be destroyed when using high-heat methods stay intact in cold pressed methods. Antioxidants help our body fight against free radicals which are a major cause of cancer and other diseases.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Health Oils:

1. Less or no chemicals used
2. Anti Inflammatory, has ideal omega 3 to omega 6 to omega 9 fatty acid ratio
3. Retains flavour and aroma of seeds used
4. Seeds used for extraction are of the best quality
5. Higher content of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
6. packed with Vitamin E which has healing properties

Imagine the refined oils we consume everyday are not even good for our health, then shouldn't we prefer a better alternative? Cold pressed health oils made by Vediko are available at your ease, from our website to your doorstep, Vediko delivers the richness of cold pressed oils to you. Choose what's good for your family and your health too.


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