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Murabba is an ancient technique of preserving food and converting it into healthy, sweet food. Fruits that are commonly converted into murabba are apple, amla and carrot. Murabba is prepared with an easy process where sugar is one of the main preservatives. Amla murabba is a very common food found in Indian kitchens. The consumption of amla murabba helps in easy digestion, healthy hair growth, immunity boost, relief in menstrual cramps and many more body problems. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a sour fruit that is otherwise difficult to eat in raw form, and thus amla murabba is preferred more often.

Vediko offers excellent quality Amla Murabba which ought to be consumed in moderate quantities, prescribed once or twice a day. It's considered an excellent fruit to increase immunity and is power packed with vitamin c and e. A lot of research says a person who consumes amla murabba every day has an excellent digestive system and immunity, with many other perks as well.

Other options for murabbas are carrot and apple as well. Apple murabba is prepared similarly to amla murabba and has an inbuilt ability to reduce wrinkles and blemishes from the skin, increase the collagen level, add glow to the face and also protect from bone Inflammation. It's rightly said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

If neither amla nor apple murabba suits you then carrot murabba is the one for you. Carrot is a lesser known ingredient for murabba but we are telling you it's an undiscovered gem. Carrot murabba helps to protect the body from various infections, flushes out toxins, cures chest-related problems and also helps in skin problems.

Murabbas was a prominent thing found in kitchens in ancient India but were forgotten in the 2000s. Now that India has started recognising the value of yoga, Indian food and ingredients again, it's high time we include Vediko's murabbas in our daily routine for good health.


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