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Vediko Origins is an organic produce brand moving forward one step at a time attempting to bring a difference in our farmers’ lives. We believe they deserve the best possible life considering their contribution for the amelioration of this nation.

We provide consistent assistance & education to our farmers as training and awareness, to help them switch from chemical fertilizers & pesticides to organic methods of farming through the practice of ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming

We are a one of a kind brand that not only aspires to bring our consumers the best quality, healthy and organic products, but also to bring prosperity to everyone involved in the process.

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  • - Kavita Sharma

    Definitely better, genuine and delicious. Heard about this ghee from a friend. To be true, this ghee is really genuine and delicious.

  • - Nikhil

    I bought this product to improve my thyroid function. The moment you open the bottle, you get a pleasant walnuty feel. I use 6-7 drops to massage the neck/thyroid area and it feels good

  • - Ankita Sharma

    Honey is really great. The taste is ultimate with essence of purity. It feels like I am having real Ajwain itself with a sweet flavour. Highly recommended.

  • -Tarun Garg

    First I was hesitant to buy this oil as it was cheap compared to other oils but it turned out to be outstanding oil

  • -Rohit

    I like the taste and the fact that they use raw sugar and not processed sugar

  • - Nupur Mehera

    I love Murabba and this is one is quite tasty! the best part is that there is not much sugar syrup in it

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