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Vediko is an initiative that bridges the gap between health, wellness and sustainability while caring for the prosperity of the Indian farmers.

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Only an impact at the lowest levels will trigger the revolution this planet needs.


Almond Oil


Amla Murabba


Black Seed Oil


Desi Cow Ghee 1 L


Desi Cow Ghee 250 ml


Desi Cow Ghee 500 ml



I have tried many brands, however this brand truly amazed me because the honey seems to be pure and u can feel relaxing of the honey on your body. The honey is raw which you won't find nowadays. The taste of this honey is not as sweet as you would like and color is so natural.


Honey is really great. The taste is ultimate with essence of purity. It feels like i am having real ajwain itself with a sweet flavour. Highly recommended.

Ankit Sharma


I bought this product to improve my thyroid function. Since this process takes some time, I won't be able to comment on its therapeutic benefits for now. The moment you open the bottle, you get a pleasant walnuty feel. I use 6-7 drops to massage the neck/thyroid area and it feels good.


I like the taste and the fact that they use raw sugar and not processed sugar.


I love Murabba and this is one is quite tasty! the best part is that there is not much sugar syrup in it.

Nupur Mehra


First I was hesitant to buy this oil as it was cheap compared to other oils but it turned out to be outstanding oil.

Tarun Garg


 Definitely better, genuine and deliciousHeard about this ghee from a friend. To be true, this ghee is really genuine and delicious. At my mother's we have home made ghee directly from cow milk. I must say this ghee is really at par with home made ghee. Zero adulteration. Pure taste and smells authentic. And ofcourse, it is definitely cow ghee because of grainy texture. Much much better than other conventional famous brands ghee.

Kavita Sharma


Experience it for yourself

Spend time in an environment that provides you with a mindful and serene experience of traditional farm life. One only understands what goes into organic farming when got the chance to experience it firsthand. Visit #MeraGaon with your friends & family and live in an environment that imbibes love and care for mother nature.


1. How do I know that Vediko Origins is selling authentic Organic Products?

We source all raw materials directly from farmers who are strictly following organic farming practices. We also make sure that all these products are tested from government approved laboratory for different parameters like adulteration, heavy metals, pesticide residue, toxic metals, and other presence of inorganic components.

2. Where can I view the Lab test reports?

On the top of this page, there is a separate dedicated section named LAB REPORTS where you may view the latest reports. Also, there is unique QR code on every product of ours. Scan it with any qr code scanner app from the play store for viewing.

3. Is there a Cash on Delivery (COD) option available?

Yes, all our products can be bought with Cash on Delivery (CoD), but it will take longer than ususal time to reach your placee since we have limited CoD delivery associates

4. Can I get special discount for bulk orders?

Yes, we have that option, you can either mail us your details at order@vediko.in or WhatsApp us at +91-9810-624624

4. How can I contact Vediko Origins?

You can reach us out at +91-9810-624-624


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