Why to add Gulkand in your diet? Uses & Benefits

Why to add Gulkand in your diet? Uses & Benefits

We know the taste! We know the craving! We know about the sugar rush that is instilled in us after relishing one of the most preferred favours after a fingerlicious dinner! And we know that you know it too! You guessed it right; we are talking about Gulkand - Sun Cooked Damask Rose Petals.

Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals, originating from India and our neighbouring country, Pakistan. The term that is derived from Persian; gul(rose) and qand(sugar/sweet) has been one of the authentic tastes that originate from the roots of our ancient history. Tasting gulkand can be equitable to experiencing heaven.

Let’s Prepare the ever-tasty Gulkand

It is prepared using special pink rose petals and is mixed with sugar. Rose petals are slow-cooked with sugar, which reduces the juices into a thick consistency. Preparation of Gulkand is also considered to be an art, with just an accurate amount of sugar and preservation of rose petals to achieve the arduous consistency.

Countdown of benefits of Damask Rose Petals

It is not just famous for its ever-yum taste but for also, the innumerable advantages it has in remedial uses. It is used in holistic medicine as a cooling tonic in the Unani system of medicine. It also has its uses in Ayurveda and Persian Medicine to help with the bodily imbalances.

Let’s dive further into the benefits of Gulkand:

  • Taste, Diet, and Health remain intact.

Gulkand has low calories that help in no guilt trips over cheating on your diet. It has the taste and has no adverse effect on diet. That seems like a win to us!

Rose petals which constitute the vital portion of ingredients have a high content of minerals and vitamins.

  • Helps in treating mouth ulcers.

Imagine not being able to eat anything delicious just because of the horrendous mouth ulcers. Somehow, we all have been a victim of them.

Now, you can enjoy the taste of Gulkand and treat your ulcers simultaneously, as it provides a cooling effect that soothes the burning sensation and pain around the swollen area.

  • Relaxation in Menstrual Pain.

Cravings during periods hit the highest peak of the desire to satisfy the bleeding soul. Here, Gulkand turns into the saviour and relaxes the muscles of the reproductive organs, which in turn provides relief from period cramps.

Other than the never-ending list of benefits, Gulkand acts as a crucial protagonist in case of acidity. As it has cooling effects on the body when relished on, it relieves the pain of acidity. It calms down the burning sensation in the throat and helps relieve sore throat, indigestion, and stomach ache. For people having constant acidity issues, it helps with their dependence on antacids. Therefore, people facing acidity must take half to one tablespoon of Gulkand at least twice a day.

Stepping into Vediko’s process

Well, now that we have crossed the bridge of advantages Gulkand has, it’s time for Vediko to take the stage. Vediko strives for organic and chemical free products. We aim for a sustainable future with cruelty-free practices of agriculture. We work with over 50 farmers across northern India attempting to help them become financially sound through better farming practices further, increasing the productivity and quality of their yield, hence minimizing their dependency on expensive synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.

An organic produce brand moving forward one step at a time attempting to bring a difference in our farmers’ lives, we believe they deserve the best possible life considering their contribution for the amelioration of this nation. We are a one-of-a-kind brand that not only aspires to bring our consumers the best quality, healthy and organic products, but also to bring prosperity to everyone involved in the process.

One such organic and delicious product Vediko organically provides, is Gulkand. Vediko's organic Gulkand is made by traditional and chemical-free processes, starting with basking Damask Rose petals in raw along with raw sugar (Mishri and Desi Khand). We provide Sun Cooked Damask Rose Petals Gulkand that is packed without any sugar syrup, has no artificial colour/flavour, has no added preservative, and has raw sugar, not the processed sugar, to continue with that guilt-free diet!

Don’t believe us. Try the ever-yum organic Gulkand by yourself, and let the magic begin!

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