The Era of Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil

The Era of Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil

In the times when refined oil is considered to be more healthy and easily cooked oil, what if Vediko decides to burst the bubble of one of the biggest myths that surround the debate between refined oil and cold-pressed oil? Let’s dive into the history and the benefits that surrounds cold pressed groundnut oil.

Stepping stones in the history of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

A cold-pressed Groundnut Oil is an oil produced from raw groundnuts (moongphali) using a traditional wood pressing process called a 'kohlu.' It has a nutty aroma and flavour that is comparable to that of nuts.

Cold pressed oils have an ancient history that finds its roots in the Indus valley. The process dates back to nearly 5000 years ago as the oil-pressing machinery was discovered in the ruins of the civilization. You got to give to our ancestors as they were really ahead of their times and probably, had significant insight into the era of cold-pressed groundnut oil.

Let’s prepare

The question arises that how one cold press an oil. Seems like a crackling pressure ready to pop off! Most oils are extracted from seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Oil from seeds is extracted through refining, heating, crushing, and cleaning. Out of all the extraction methods, cold-pressed is well known as the best natural to get fresh and healthy oil.

Ancient producers of oil used a long, cylindrical oil-extracting apparatus, better known as ‘Ghani’. Locally, it is also known as ‘Chekku’ and ‘Kolhu’. The external force was applied to the seeds, such as sesame, coconut, olives, peanuts, sunflower, mustard, etc., in the mortar and pestle. Later, animals were made to tour around the device to extract the oil by putting extra pressure.

As they are obtained naturally by crushing oil seeds at room temperature, they secure the position as the healthiest variant of oil available to us. They retain their original nutrients and contain antioxidants due to the lack of heat applied.

Seeking comfort in benefits

Moving further with the uses and benefits of cold-pressed Groundnut Oil, it can be easily replaced with your regular cooking oil. Though you will have to remember to not expose it to high heat and not use it for deep frying. With the warnings in mind, the benefits of using groundnut oil are innumerable.

Apart from the obvious natural and healthy qualities, it also has proteins in abundance, along with the required healthy fats and dietary fibres. Peanuts are recommended by traditional medicine practitioners for a variety of ailments, including skin and hair problems, memory loss, diabetes, weight reduction, and more. Evidently, it is less processed.

As Peanut Oil is free of cholesterol, it promotes heart health. For all skin-conscious people, the oil can also prevent aging as it is rich in Vitamin E. It also locks in the moisture further, preventing skin dryness.

To keep all the benefits intact and provide the best organically produced products, Vediko uses the traditional wooden kohlus made by our artisans. The peanuts are put in a hole in the centre of the kohlu, which houses a revolving screw. The revolving screw fully smashes the groundnuts until the oil is removed and collects in a container attached to it. We try our best to provide chemical-free and completely organic products to our consumers.

After noting down all the uses, benefits, and manufacturing processes, it’s time for us to moisturize our skin with the ever-amazing Vediko’s Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil as winter is around the corner, and so is dryness.

Till then, go and check out the range of cold pressed cooking oils on our website Vediko.

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