With every step we take, and every effort we make, we aim to tread in a direction that one day enables us to make a move strong enough to leave a mark. We consider Vediko as not just a brand that makes organic products available to all, but a movement that will bring prosperity to the society, for good.


Vediko aims to make the world a bit better than yesterday, every day.
With the help of our farmers, we intend to create a bridge that brings the products of organic farmers to socially conscious consumers and build a community that endeavours to make a better future for the forthcoming generations.



Indian farmers consistently face the overwhelming pressure of delivering high yields that leads to dropped produce quality and food safety due to excessive use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


The immoderate use of fertilizers and pesticides makes the crops detrimental to the consumers' health.


A majority of rural farmers in India are in the ‘marginal income' group that has led to agrarian poverty.

Success Stories


Vediko strives to support our farmers and their families on all possible levels. Vediko also promotes organic methods of farming to sustain the farm soil and maintain harvest quality.
Integrated Farming Methods

Vediko promotes bee-keeping and cattle farming along with organic farming. Doing this helps the farmers generate more than one source of income within single farmland.

Ethical Dairy Farming

Practicing ethical & cruelty-free dairy farming, enables us to take care of male calves and non-milking cows by using their waste as manure and insect repellents instead of sending them to slaughterhouses.

Premium to the Farmers

We buy our farmer’s produce at higher prices than the local mandi rates, this helps the marginal farmers earn substantially more in the long run.

Women Empowerment

Vediko believes and supports women empowerment by procuring cloth mill waste and employing rural women to stitch reusable bags for Vediko and other brands. This practice enables women to be employed on par and practice responsible waste management.



Vediko is not just a brand but also a community that believes in sustainability, and acts with compassion. Join us in our efforts and do your part to make a difference.