Know More About The Sweetness of Raw Tulsi Honey - Uses and Benefits

Know More About The Sweetness of Raw Tulsi Honey - Uses and Benefits

What if we tell you that you can infuse benefits with more benefits and get a deliciously organic product? In today’s case of discussion, we present you with an exceptional case of infusing thousands of benefits to create a magnificent product - Raw Tulsi Honey. Honey already is home to many remedies and benefits. Along with honey, Tulsi finds itself to be a great Ayurvedic cure to the point of earning the title of ‘Queen of Herbs’.

Learn about the uses of Raw Tulsi Honey

Crowned as the oldest herb, Tulsi is considered to be one of the holy plants in Hindu Mythology and is enriched with restoration properties. It is grown across Indian households for both spiritual and medicinal uses. It can also be used in cooking to provide an exceptional flavour to the dishes and is considered pure according to many traditions. Likewise, pure honey is as sweet in its benefits as it is in taste. It is widely known for its healing properties in burnt wounds, suppresses coughing, and is rich in antioxidants and thus better for heart health.

Together, Raw Tulsi Honey has twin benefits of both Tulsi and pure honey. It has anti-inflammatory properties in it, along with disease-fighting antioxidants that further help in respiratory disorders.

Let’s move on with the preparation

Raw and organic, this honey is extracted from the bee boxes by the beekeepers, where the nectar collected is from the single-origin tulsi plant flowers. Vediko especially makes sure the product is organic and pure in its quality and ensures that there are no preservatives and additives added. It is entirely made up of raw honey that has its purity in its original form. Raw Honey is best described as honey that exists in the beehive, obtained directly from the honeycomb by extraction.

Benefits of ever-tasty Tulsi Honey

Best Remedy for Cough- How many times our mothers have forced us to consume honey and Tulsi to cure cough? Well, turns out mothers are always right. Pure Tulsi Honey serves as easily the best remedy to suppress cough. One can have it thrice a day to control the cold and cough.

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties- It consists of anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk to the heart and lowers bowel conditions.

Finds its Significance in Skin Care- Often represented in the advertisements for face masks and face wash, honey is a significant ingredient in the skin-care world. It cleanses the pores and adds a glowing aspect to the skin. Try it yourself for refreshing, healthy skin!

Strengthens Immunity- It is enriched with disease-fighting antioxidants that fight the harmful aspects of nature and further help shape a healthy lifestyle.

To conclude with the benefits, Raw Tulsi Honey has innumerable uses and advantages when added to the lifestyle. An energy booster and a herbal treatment for many ailments, Raw Tulsi Honey is undoubtedly one of the healthy addition to day-to-day life.  For the best and pure products, Vediko strives for the organic production of its product. We directly produce honey from its original rich form which is raw and organic.

Vediko understands the need of consuming raw honey than processed one and continues to provide the best product to its family. The main difference between raw and processed Honey is the extraction method and thereby, the nutritional value. Raw Honey contains more variety and amount of nutrients because it does not go through pasteurization and filtration.

We are hooked on our product, and we urge you to give Raw Tulsi Honey a chance to delight your taste buds and health. Check out Vediko’s Raw Tulsi Honey (link here) for possibly the best Raw honey online!

P.S. We have a complete range of different flavoured raw jars of honey and so, let your taste buds experience diverse tastes with every spoonful!
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