Cow Dung - The Best Food For Soil

Cow Dung - The Best Food For Soil

Living in India, none of us are strangers to the beautiful brown cakes on the road. Though these cakes aren’t for us to consume, it sure is the best for soil! 

  • Owing to our culture, cows are considered sacred and treated better than most animals
  • But apart from that, it’s waste, or the ‘cow dung’ have also been used in a myriad of ways, through ages
  • Apart from being used for rituals, it has also been known to be a good thermal insulator and a good source of energy
  • And, one it’s best and urgent usage, is as manure

As a people who have been practising farming and agriculture, we have been trying to incorporate vernacular approaches as a step towards sustainability. 

  • Therefore, to make your crops chemical-free, one of the most important needs of farming is using natural manure
  • These natural manures are organic fertilisers and can be used to enrich your soil while lessening the amount of cow waste on a daily basis

Cow dung is as organic as it can get. I mean, cows eating and digesting the organically grown grass and grain produce organic waste. Easy math, isn’t it? 

  • Not only will this cow waste help enrich your soil with nutrients but also strengthen its moisture holding capacity
  • So, along with fighting with harmful pathogens, it shall allow you to water your crops less and let the cracks in soil get compact and healed
  • The soil respiration rate of soil under cow manure is said to be increased by 20%
  • Soil physical and chemical properties also improve because the manure has the ability to decrease its porosity

Using cow waste as food for soil is a win-win for us all. 

  • On the one hand, it converts organic waste into a valuable product, and on the other, it regulates pollutants that are a result of increased industrialisation
  • Cow dung has everything you need for your soil to be healthy- high moisture content, total organic carbon, humus, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

We don’t just say this, but practice it! Our farmers use the cow waste as a natural fertiliser! And if you wish to be your own farmer and grow something in your own garden, contact us for natural organic manure and seeds.

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