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Combo Pack for Kapha Body Type

Combo Pack for Kapha Body Type

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How to Use:

Castor Oil 100 ml

  • Pacifies kapha dosha when used in small doses
  • Consume with an stomach stomach
  • For children, maximum advised dose per day is usually 2.5 ml.

    Amla Murabba 500 gm

    • For adults, consume twice a day, preferably in the first half of the day
    • Children are to be given no more than half a teaspoon, once or twice a day.

    Tulsi Honey 350 gm

    • Warm water + Dry Herbs + Spices + Tulsi Honey(on tablespoon) once a day
    • Can be consumed with lukewarm water in early morning
    • Use with shilajit to balance kapha
    • Add one tablespoon in herbal teas.

    Jamun Honey 350 gm

    • Will aggravate pitta in excess if used in hot weather
    • To be used in more liquid forms
    • Use one tablespoon at a time.


      Castor Oil - Seeds of the Castor Plant
      Amla Murabba - Amla, Raw Sugar and Mishri
      Tulsi Honey - Raw Honey
      Jamun Honey - Raw Honey

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